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Thaler Reilly Wilson has been responsible for over a dozen campus-let projects over the last three years at SUNY Cobleksill. Some of those projects include:

  • The adaptive reuse of a circa 1890 carriage house on the SUNY Cobleskill campus, which will serve as a retail outlet for products generated by school including fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats, baked goods, flowers, and dry goods.

  • The renovation of the second floor Private Dining Room of Champlin Hall, consisting of all new finishes and furnishings, new lighting, and modifications to the mechanical and fire-detection systems.

  • The renovation of a 70 ft tall brick and limestone gym, one of the original four buildings forming the New York School of Agriculture, to significantly increase the weather-tightness and overall energy efficiency of the building through careful insulation and weather-stripping/storm window strategies, without compromising the assembly performance or historic features of the structure.

  • Multiple window and roof replacements to provide unproved maintainability and energy efficiency. 

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