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Thaler Reilly Wilson Architecture & Preservation, LLP is a growing small-sized architectural firm specializing in the renovation, restoration, and adaptive reuse of existing and historic buildings. We are passionate about bringing new life to our architectural heritage and our historic communities.

Based in Albany, New York, TRW provides a friendly and fun work environment that is dedicated to ensuring all employees have a healthy work-life balance. Our team of professionals share similar interest in historic preservation and adaptive reuse. Our informal work environment fosters team-work, creativity, ambition and professional development. We strive to create a better workplace that is dynamic and rewarding. Join our team of talented professionals as we grow and take on new and exciting projects.   

We are looking to fill the following open positions:

Project Manager

As our Project Manager, you’ll be helping us plan and interpret interesting projects through all phases of development. This includes technical elements such as scheduling, budgets, and maintaining and updating the team and stakeholders on all the major changes that may occur.  The impact you’ll have is that we’ll be able to fulfill our clients' wishes and dreams with each project, in the timelines we forecast. We realize no project goes perfectly, but how you prepare for contingencies will help ensure that we’re operating as smoothly as possible. Read more here.

Senior Project Architect

As our Senior Project Architect, you’ll be helping us to develop appropriate documentation for all phases of interesting projects, including existing conditions documentation, design, preparing construction documents, and assisting in construction administration services. The impact you’ll have is that we’ll be able to fulfill our clients' wishes and dreams with each project, within the timelines we forecast. Read more here.

BIM/CAD Manager

As our Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) Manager, you’ll be expected to implement all of the procedures needed to successfully deliver BIM and, or CAD digital documents during the design and construction of interesting projects. This will include a variety of assignments requiring the application of the firm’s graphic standards, developing the standards, and leading and supporting the use of digital technology. Read more here. 

Internships, Fall Co-op, and Entry Level Positions

Please send cover letter, resume, and supporting portfolio information to: Cynthia Geshell

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