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Alumni Hall was built as SUNY Oneonta's campus library in 1960 and converted into an office building in the mid-1970s. Since then, the three-story, 48,000-square-foot building has had minor renovations.  This project was a complete building renovation to house the School of Economics and Business and the college’s Advancement and Alumni offices.  

The design features “learning on display” with classrooms, small-group meeting rooms, an innovation center, and a Bloomberg trading room all positioned along a center core. Plenty of glass partitions allow those that walk through the building; students, faculty, alumni, and donors, to see the wide variety of teaching and collaboration opportunities used on the campus.

The building core also visually link access from the perimeter loop road to the residential quad on the other side of the building. Strategic improvements to the building’s exterior highlight the building entrances and create a recognizable and attractive terminus to the campus’s academic spine.

This project recently received the 2024 AIA NYS Excelsior Award for our transformative work on the adaptive reuse and the building is currently in pursuit of LEED Platinum certification.

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