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Thaler Reilly Wilson recently completed the comprehensive restoration of the Trask Mansion building envelope. Project scope included restoring stone and brick masonry, stucco facade panels, slate, and metal roofing, and ornate wood windows and doors.

The scope also included the use of point-cloud laser surveying, converted to Revit. This provided incredibly detailed surface mapping as well as a three-dimensional model of the building envelope for more precise documentation of problems of repair, especially as they transition from ground-to-wall/wall-to-roof assemblies.

The project scope included goals to improve system controls engineering and improvements, based on the study of the envelope using performance-measuring software such as WUFI and infrared thermography scanning. The ultimate goal is to provide reduced infiltration and convection at the envelope in the winter months, while much of the mansion is closed off and largely unheated.

Read about the restoration here at Architectural Digest. 

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