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Thaler Reilly Wilson, working with the State University Construction Fund of New York, rehabilitated the first floor south wing of the former D&H Building, designed by Marcus Reynolds built in 1914.

We found that the building spaces were not efficiently organized, and amongst other goals, the office areas need to become more flexible and accommodating of modern Construction Fund requirements.

Following the analysis and planning/conceptual design of more than 50,000 sf of administrative offices on multiple floors of the building, TRW provided full design and bid documents for the renovation of the 1t floor of the south wing of the building.

In addition to the modernization of various architectural/environmental elements, the work included the replacement of all existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.

Several small, inefficient toilet rooms were replaced with multiple single-use toilet rooms increasing ADA compliance. A new suite of four varying size conference rooms provides a new building-wide amenity.


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